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About Us

Our objective in opening this school is to provide an exclusive opportunity to socially and educationally backward children of this area. They are not generally exposed to the cross currents of modern and scientific education. Still they are dominantly under the cobwebs of a traditional society.

Further most of the educational institutions in our country hardly bother about regular upkeeps, maintenance, upgradation and improvements. They remain the same for ever. They do not adjust with time, development and new discoveries in technology. It is this negative aspect prevalent more in this district which motivated the opening of LITTLE SCHOLARS MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL which will be good enough to make the children catch up with the most advanced countries in every field.

Experienced educationists, social scientists and other like - minded scholars were the brain behind this venture with an objective to mould young once in an environment conductive to healthy mental and physical growth.

A child's mind is a clean slate; it is also sensitive to absorb any microscopic good or evil from the environment. It is therefore important how best we imprint on the tendor minds of the children. Our observation reveals that most of our present day schools are feeding the children as poultry chicks, spoon feeding naturally hampers the thinking process of a child. Not only this, still fiction is over taking science in our curriculum. Urbanisation is also taking away every one from nature affecting the integrated personality development of a child. A child should be left free under observation and proper guidance for the healthy physical and mental growth.

Wild growth also yields disastrous consequences. A gardener is required to nip the staggering growth of a plant in the bud so as to make it look trim and brim. This varacity very well applies to young minds to be taken care of.

The present day turmoil is deeply rooted in their early education. The socio - political atmosphere in this transition period imprisions the children in utter confusion and disappointment. A right social perspective is essential in learning process to mould our young ones. Parents love their children and to realise their dreams a better educational nourishment with scientific and psychological approach is needed. In the course of study we will strive hard to inculcate self - determination, courage and an element of co -operative behaviour in the young minds to face the critical challenges and changes of the modern world.

Further , a complete secular education is required to solve the problem which our society is confronting today Most of the English Schools and Missionary Schools narrow down the development of the human mind by imparting religious education. They also create a class - society which will widen the gap between the rich and the poor thereby making them totally ignorant of the real man, Real society / and the real world. This will result in Tennyson's Lotos eater floating in a world of illusion and day dreaming. In order to avoid all these things we would like to stop bothering children with prescribed text books and syllabus. Text books and the so called syllabus are only a means to understand the beauty of nature and the beauty of the object lying around us with a subjective existence. We would like to make the children study nature which is equivalent to knowing oneelf, by means of free thinking. universal love and self development where the teacher will be only a torch bearer and not the good old man with a stick and prince-nez.

Since text books, syllabus and marks result in a competitive spirit which in turn breeds jealousy, envy and greed endangering the future of our country, we would like to divert the attention and make them understand about "Universal Love". We do hope that this institution for the LITTLE SCHOLARS will certainly fulfil all dreams for their future.

We solicit cooperation and encouragement of the parents in the up bringing of their children as the institution thinks itself and stands to serve others.

Location & Accomodation
To create a right physical environment good and spacious building is constructed in a calm and quiet place just away from the din of the town. Adequate furniture is arranged in systematic manner and classrooms are artistically decorated to create aesthetic sense among the children.

The Principal is the head of the academic affairs who will look after the schedules effectively throughout the day in ordder to improve the standard of education. Problem pertaining to academic should be brought to the notice of the principal for time to time. All the academic problems through communication should be addressed to the principal who is available in the office looking into the academics; every minute and microscopic things should always be channeled through him. His maintenance over the school affairs will smoothen the schedule regarding the curriculum, discipline etc. Parents are requested not to disturb the principle during the working hours. In case of emergency, they can contact the principal.

Trained and experienced post graduate teachers from almost all over the country are appointed in our school. With their rich experience, dedication they are capable of enlightening our Little Scholars. Their cordial movement will eneable the student to frequent them for their subject clarifications.

We are following Matric Syllabus. Our curruculum is properly set up with a view to lay stress on co-curricular activities such as music, dance, elocution, quiz, debate and seminar etc.

Method of Teaching
Play way methods are followed for LKG & UKG scholars. To make learning enjoyable and absorbing all modern techniques such as TV, Tapes and other audio-visual aid (in short Operation Block Board) are provided. Individual attention is the corner stone of our institution.

Pupils Self- Government
Pupils self-government goes a long way towards istilling a sense of discipline and responssibility Leaders who are elected in the beginning of the school year constitute the governing body, the school-cabinet -which is responsible for the dicipline and cleanliness of hte school.

All leaders should realise that to be a leader is special privilege and honour. To betray the trust and confidence reposed in them is most degrading. The class leaders are responsible for all happenings in the class during the absence of the teacher and should report to the Head Master or the class teacher any brech of discipline noticed even during the recess.

Once in a month a meeting of leaders and class Teachers will be discussed towards improving the tone and discipline of the school.

The medium of instruction is English only. Hindi and Tamil are also compulsory. Emphasis on Mathematics, Science and language is given for better formation of concepts. It does not imply that other subjects are cold shouldered. Special care is taken to improve their spoken english and pronunciation to bring about an English atmosphere in the campus.

In order to ensure optimum teacher pupil ration the in take in limited to 30 scholars only. Laboratory facilities are provided for the Higher class students. Quiet often they will be taken to various kinds of industries, factories and technical institutions to inculcate scientific interest in them.

The school has made arrangements for the Day Scholars to take Lunch in the Campus. But the school will not be held responsible if the Day Scholars go home for Lunch.

Study, Tests, and Examination
Instructions Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday. Apart from academics, special attention will be paid to develop oveall personality of the students by organising quiz, debate, group discussion, elocution etc on the Saturdays.

Term tests are conducted at the end of every term. Every year three examinations will be conducted quarterly - Half Yearly - Annual.

Annual Day
Annual Day will probably be held in the third week of February. Parents should invariably attend the function.

The school session is divided into three terms June to September, October to January, February to May. The academic years starts from the first June. Admission will close on 31st May. Admission will be purely on MERIT. Parents should invariably be present on the day of admission.

Working hours
The schools works from 9:30 am to 4;00 pm. with an interval of 15 mins between 10:50 and 11:05 and 45 mins lunch break between 12:25 to 1:10 pm. Clean and tidy arrangement is made for lunch. The school will work for 220 days with six and half hours a day.

Children must be punctual and regular to school. Being late is a social evil. Leave of absence will not be granted except under extraordinary circumstances when a parent / guardian will have to send a letter to the principal a day before. The absence or leave will be marked in the scholar's hand book.

A Scholars Diary will be supplied to each student to record his day to day work. They should bring the diary everyday. Parents are requested to look into the diary every day to make up their children at home.

Home Work
Home work is the continuation of the learning programmed initiated in the class room and extended beyond the class hour, hence any home work set assigned must be completed and presented to the teached concerned. Lapse in this regard is viewed very seriously. Mostly assignments given will be of descriptive nature to improve their individuality, originality and creativity.

Nursery & Kindergarden
Special arrangements have been made to import an effective way of teaching with playmaterials, flannel boards, audio and visual aids. Teacher, besides teaching, will make the kids feel at home. Elderly but clever ayas are available to the demands of the kids.

For Girls : Blouse and Tunic with belt
For Boys : Bush Shirt and half pants / pants with belt
Common : Black shoe with strapper laces.
Wednesday : White bottom & House banian
Saturday : White Uniform

A well equipped labouratory is set up for acquiring first hand and practical knowledge. Almose all the necessary apparatuses, devices, instruments and specimens are made available to the students to widen and broaden their practical horizons. Demonstrations and Instructors will aid the students in carrying out the experiments and tests successfully. A spacious room with all amenities is exclusively allotted for the smooth functioning of laboratory.

More bookish knowledge will help one to develop one's knowledge in diverse aculties. As Bacon has rightly said "READING MAKETH A PERFECT MAN", We always encourage our students to develop their reading habit. No doubt the right place is library and we have a sound library with various kind of subject books, reference books, novels, plays, shorts-stories, poems, magazines, journals, monthlies, weeklies, dailies ets., During the school hours our students are permitted to browse and peruse library treasures.

We are very confident that our scholars will become the best citizens of our country with a complete understanding of human dignity and labour. We are sure that all our student will become omnipotent and moniscient. It is our ambition to make LITTLE SCHOLAR MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, one of the best in our country.


Our Staffs

Little Scholars Matriculation Higher Secondary School











 Higher Secondary Staffs    

Mr. P. Rajaram - M.Sc., B.Ed
Director, Dept. of Computer Science

Mr. N. Moovendran - M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed
Director, Dept. of Zoology


Mr. K. GaneshBabu - M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed
Director, Dept. of Tamil

Mr. Manikandan. M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed
Director, Dept. of Mathematics


Mr. J. Gurusamy - M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed
Director, Dept. of Physics

 High School & Other Staffs









MA (ECO).,B.Ed.


























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