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Admission is usually done for LKG and 11th STD only.
11th STD Admission will commence after the publication of Govt. SSLC Exam Results.
Admission into other classes is rare, depends upon availability of seats and student's merit.
Procedure for New Admission for UKG to 9th STD

  • Register at the school office with particulars of student's name, school and class for which admission is required.
  • The student must appear for a screening Test
The following are required during the admission of pupils.
  • The Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  • Community Certificate.
  • A testimonial of good conduct.
  • A report of the previous school examiniations.
  • A filled-in application form for admission.
  • An original copy of the Birth Extract (for New Admission)
In the Higher Secondary section, the following groups are offered:
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  • Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • Computer Science, Economics, Accountancy and Commerce.

New admissions should pay the I term fee at the time of admissin. All the students should pay the I term fee on or before 5th June failing which the admission will stand cancelled automatically II & III term fee should be paid on or before 5th October and 5 th February of the academic year respectively.

Instructions to Parents
1. Registration does not guarantee admission
2. Recommendation for admission will not be considered.
3. The parents should see that their children must confirm to the accepted norms of civilised behaviour. Any breach of conduct in this regard will result in the scholar suspension from class and if necessary expulsion from school.
4. Scholars are not allowed to wear jewellery. The school is not responsible for the loss of jewellery, money or other valuable articles.
5. Scholars should be clean and tidy in their person and dress. They must wear school uniform regularly except on birth days. They should keep books and note books neatly covered and properyly marked.
6. Compliants or any enquiries by post are welcome.
7. Teachers should not be met directly on any account without the permission of the principal.
8. Any kind of fee which is paid to the institution will not be refunded under any circumstances.
9. If any student is absent for more that 3 days without prior permission, the admission will be cancelled immediately.
If he so desires to join agagin he has to sek admissin by paying admissin fee.
10. Parents should get date of birth certificate for their children either from the Muncipality commissioner or the Deputy Thasildar.
11. Educational tour is compulsory. All the academic regulation should be compulsorily adhered to by the parents.
12. The institution reserves the right to cancel the admissiion when any one of its established rule violated.
13. Special and 1st terminal fee should be paid on or befor 5th June to ensure the continuation of study in the school.
14. If Fee is not paid on or before the date specified, the institution reserves the right to send the children home the very next day, with in three days from the date specified the fee should be paid, failing which the admission will be concelled. After expiry of the three days readmission shall not be considered at any point of time.

In order to achieve that we solicit co-operation and encouragemen of the parents to the utmost extent possible because in the present day world, "there is no time to stand and stare", most of the parents are busy with their own occupations and are unable to devote enough time towards their children's education.


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